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The Age of Calamity- Leviathan a dragon god living in the ocean tries to use his fuck off huge wings and it results in the planet nearly flooding, a god of geomancy creates mountain ranges and natural levees in attempt to save surface life. the most powerful being in the ocean threatens to put leviathan in a pocket dimension if he doesn't stop, Levi rips off his wings and the 2 wings become lesser gods (Muzuchi and Quetzalcoatl) that pair up starting a pantheon of reptilian gods. meanwhile on land the god of chaos being salty about the age of calamity not being his doing makes plans to find and destroy whoever was responsible.

The Rift- Some time later a shape shifting snake goddess marries the earth god (the one from earlier) while 2 minor gods walk the lands on men teaching their magic to select followers. The minor gods were God of War and Magic Bodhi in the north giving enchanted axes and Goddess of Life and Miracles Celeste forming the Central Kingdom of excelsior. pretty much in the south a Rift opens up and demons start rampaging on human lands, Bodhi and Celeste make their way to the south to defeat the demonic infestation. The Snake goddess has some of her eggs taken by some demons and she goes on wholesale shaughter of the demons with her husband. Then one of the reptilian gods named sobek runs thru the rift and eats the abyssal gate on the other side cutting off the demons from invading while ascending to god of time and space. the 4 gods previously murdering demons manage to get most of them and builds a temple over the rift known as the southern gateway. Bodhi and Celeste end up falling in love.

The War of Might- after the mass graves of demons and the demonic corruption left within the wake a group of martial artist forge armor with magic and the corpses of demons becoming demi-gods called the Avatars of Might and forge lesser magic armor for their followers the Cult of Might. The Avatars then attempt to find Bodhi so they can defeat him in combat to prove their superiority, Bodhi beats them and goes on to marry Celeste and live in the Southern Temple. Cult of Might then in decide to take over Bodhi's Homeland in the north and thus starts what is known as the Eternal War for the North between them and the Feral Arbiters.

The Ascension and Lich Gods- Bodhi and Celeste attempt a ritual to ascend to a high form of godhood, it works but their bodies left behind become the lich gods that now guard the southern temple and has a death cult known as the Lost Harvest.



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