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Fallen Kingdom- To the west a man goes on a conquest and expands his empire to all of the west coast city states and minor kingdoms. he has a bastard child with a countess in the north west corner of his empire, the young count would be assassinated in a conspiracy pact made by the other royal to fabricate a revolt in hope of getting their diminished power back. The Royal Guard and Royal Police crush the revolt and eventually kill the conspirators but it's too late, the king dies of old age and the youngest heir dies of "sickness" leaving the empire to crumble and be reborn under a congress. The Royal Guard Becomes the Brotherhood of the Spear, The Royal Police become The Brotherhood of Swords.

The Church- after the example of Bodhi and Celeste before ascending 3 gods decide to help humanity and take follower. The Scribe God forms a group known as the Judges and bestows to them Runes, while the Gemini Twins form the Holy Order of the Gemini utilizing relics the run off of faith to cast preset spells associated with the Twin Gods.